Weekly Wrapup #3: Keep in Touch

In the last week who have you communicated with? Who did you speak to most often? Is there someone you wish you had spoken to?

What was your most common method of keeping in touch? Do you feel this is most effective?

Did you reconnect with any long lost friends or family members?

Was there anyone you spoke to but you would have prefered to avoid?


Weely WrapUp #2: Summertime

What activities in the past week have you participated in, which are summer-only?

Did you celebrate the 4th of July? If so, how?

How many times have you been swimming this season?

WW #1: Accomplishments

What did you accomplish this week?

What were your goals?

What are you goals for next week and what can you do to better meet them?

That’s More Like It

I tweaked here and there, added links to the blogroll and created several pages to explain what a meme is and let visitors contact me. Weekly WrapUp is ready to broadcast memes, which it will do every Saturday!