Weekly Wrapup #11: Let’s Go to TV Land

A lot of TV shows her premiered in the last week, did you  sit down to enjoy any? Or maybe you happened by the premier of your favourite show by acciddent?

What show(s) do you follow and why? What do you love about it?

How long have you been watching your favourite show and how old is it?

What show were you most excited to see this season? Has it started yet? Did you enjoy the first episode(s)?


Weekly Wrapup #10: Did you do your chores today?

So did you?

What does your weekly chore schedule consist of, if anything?

Do you plan when you’ll do things, do them as you go, don’t do any chores or leave everything until the house needs to be condemned?

What is your favourite chore? Least favourite?

What item makes doing chores less stress/hassle or more fun/enjoyable for you?

Weekly Wrapup #9: Disaster!

With a handful of hurricanes and tropical storms ravaging the southern coast in the past weeks, I thought this would be a fitting topic.

In the last week have you experienced any adverse whether? If so, what?

What is the worst natural disaster you have ever experienced?

Of all the natural disasters, which one scares you most? Excites you most?

If a typical natural disaster for your location were to arise immediately, would you be prepared?

Weekly WrapUp #8: Back To School

School’s no longer out for summer, guys!

In the past week have you gone back to school?

What year/grade or type of schooling are you taking?

Are you working toward a certification, degree or major? If so, what is the focus of your studies?

How has your school year been so far? Are you satisfied with your classes or are they lacking? Are you drowning in homework, keeping up or already slacking too much to care?