Weekly Wrapup #14: The Great Debates

I’m sorry, once again, to any nonAmericans or, I suppose, anyone who does not own a TV. 😉 And, sorry, couldn’t help the last one, either.

Have you been keeping up with any presidential debates? If so, which have you seen?

Who do you think is doing a better job when it comes to the debates?

Do you think the debates fairly represent the candidates? Why or why not?

Do you think the debates focus on the issues or are they more about slander?

And have you seen the SNL skit about the Vice Presidential debate? Did you laugh your ass off?


Weekly Wrapup# 13: Registration Bureaucracy

Sorry to all non-Americans but this was too good to leave behind. Also, memes are meant to be done immediately after they’re posted (not that I mind anyone doing them at all), on the weekend. (=

Did you register by October 6?

If so, what makes you want to vote in this election?

Is it your first election to vote?

Who are you voting for?

If not, why are you not voting?

Weekly Wrapup #12: The Furry Ones

I thought I’d detour from my usual format because pets are definitely on my mind with our newest addition, a little grey kitty.

Do you have any pets? If so, how many and what kind?

Do you have a favourite pet?

Are there any pets that are yours (as opposed to the family pet)?

Are you more of a cat person, a dog person, something in between or something else?