Weekly Wrapup #18: Turkey Day Madness

In the past week did you partake in Thanksgiving?

What sort of feast did you have?

Any activities?

What about Black Friday shopping?


Weekly Wrapup #18: Socializing

In the past week have you logged into a social networking site?

If so, which one? What other social networks do you use? Do you consider this your main one?

How often do you log in?

What is the main reason you use this site? (New friends, old friends, networking for business, looking for a partner, music, other?)

If not, why don’t you use social networks?

Weekly Wrapup #17: My Body, My Temple

In the past week have you done anythingw) healthy for your body? If so, what?

Why have you added this to your routine, in general? What specifically made you decide to take action?

If not, what could you add to your lifestyle to improve your health and what would it take to make you do so? Would you consider doing that this week?

Weekly Wrapup #16: Election Day!

Last one, guys.

In the past week did you vote?

Did you watch the American election?

Were you happy with the outcome?

Were you surprised at the outcome?

Are you glad it’s “over?”

Weekly Wrapup #15: Halloween!

Sorry guys, about missing last week. It won’t happen again! Here’s this week’s wrapup.

In the past week did you celebrate Halloween? If so how?

Did you attend or throw any parties?

If you dressed up, what were you?

If you handed out candy to trick or treaters, are there any costumes that caught your attention?