Weekly Wrapup #21: Technological Advances

In the past week have you started using any new software, hardware or scripts?

If so, what prompted you to do so?

How has your experience been with it thus far?

If not, are you less likely to keep up with technology?


Merry Christmas!

I’d just like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday!

Also, I promise to be more diligent next year!


Oops! I have been a little neglectful when it comes to checking the validity of spam comments. I just approved a couple which were incorrectly caught by Akismet. I will keep a more careful watch in the future.

Weekly Wrapup #20: Special Delivery

Have you received a package in the last week?

Was it Christmas/holiday related? Or was it something you were expecting in the mail?

Do you often receive deliveries?

Have you or do you expect to receive and holiday gifts in the mail this year?

Do you mail off holiday gifts?

Weekly Wrapup #19: Treat Yourself!

In the past week, have you treated yourself?

What sort of treat was it? (Food, time alone, seeing a movie, spending a little extra, letting home/housework slide, going to a spa)

How often do you treat yourself?

Do you take time out to do something special for yourself on a routine basis? Why or why not?