Weekly Wrapup # 25: Everyone Have Fun Tonight!

Inthe past week have you played ant games?

What were they?

Do you often play games?

What are your favourite types? (Board, card, video, other)

What is your all time favourite game?

Have you ever set/broken any game records?

Are there any games which are a family tradition?


Weekly Wrapup #24: Appointments!

In the past week, have you made or gone to any appointments?

If so, what were they?

Do you generally live on schedule or are you more of a walk-in type of person?

If you make an appointment do you try to show up early, on time or fashionably late?

Weekly Wrapup #23: Fix It!

In the past week have you had anything break?

What was the reason (rough treatment, old age/worn out, inexplicable breaking)?

Were you able to fix it yourself, did you take it to someone to fix or did you have to toss it?

If you haven’t had anything break recently, what was the last thing which broke?

Are you fairly capable when it comes to fixing things around the house, car or work? Or do you usually depend on others (like maintenance)?

Weekly Wrapup #22: Resolutions!

In the past week have you made any new goals?

Are these New Year’s resolutions or just goals in general?

Do you make/believe in New Year’s resolutions?

If you made some, share a few with us!

Happy New Year!