Weekly Wrapup #36: Dose of Culture

In the past weke have you done any high cultural activities like see theatre, opera or visit a museum?

Do you consider yourself a cultured person overall?

What is your favourite high culture activity?

Have you ever been a participant/performed in a cultured activity?

Do you prefer pop culture or high culture?


Weekly Wrapup #35: Sexy Time

Have you had sex in the past week?

Are you a more sexually open or private person?

Do you consider sex to be an important part of your life?

What is sex to you?

Weekly Wrapup #34: Keep it up!

Have you done any computer upkeep within the last week?

Do you regularly defrag? What about disk cleanup?

How often do you empty your recycle bin?

Do you routinely restore or reformat your computer completely?

Weekly Wrapup #33: Independence Day

Sorry to all non-Americans

In the past wrek have you made any plans for July 4th? If so what?

Do you have any (family) traditions for this holiday?

Are you a fan of fireworks? Do you shoot off any at home or see professional ones?

Have you ever gone 4th of July camping?