Weekly Wrapup #46: Associate This

I thought I’d go in a different direction this week. I hope you enjoy.

Off the top of the head, describe the previous week in 3 words and tell us why those words are applicable.

Give us 3 words you hope will describe next week and tell us why!



Weekly Wrapup #45: Musical

What significance, if any, has music had in your life over the past week?

How do you usually listen to music (CD, radio, MP3 player, elevators, computer)?

Are you a casual listener or a more serious music fan?

What are a couple of your favourite musicians or songs?

Weekly Wrapup #44: It’s that time of year, again

In the past week, have you gotten into any seasonal activities or sports?

What is your favourite seasonal activity to do?

To watch?

What is your favourite sport?

Weekly Wrapup #43: Milestones

Up to this past week, what milestones have you celebrated in your life (college, marriage, career, birthdays, parenthood, etc)?

Do you feel as though you are on track with your peers, ahead or behind?

Do you work toward milestones or just let them come?

Will you soon be coming across any milestones?