Weekly Wrapup #50: Thrill Seeking

In the past week, have you tried something new?

Was it a big decision or one easily made?

How did it turn out?



Weekly Wrapup #49: Say What?

Have you learned any new words in the past week? If not why not look up a random word?

Do you make an effort to expand your vacbulary or do you not really care?

What is your all-time favourite word (or maybe just your fav right now)?

Weekly Wrapup #48: Most Impressive

What, if anything, has impressed you in the last week?

Would you consider yourself a person who is easily impressed?

do you worry about impressing others?

Weekly Wrapup #47: Foot Meet Mouth

Have you had any “foot in your mouth” or otherwise silly/ridiculous moments in this past week? If so, what are they?

How do you usually handle mistakes and mess ups like that?

Do you blush easily?