Weekly Wrapup #53: Routinely

As we return to school and work and the holiday hustle settles, is there something that you look forward to doing again?

What do you find most stressful about the holidays?

And how do you deal with that stress?


Weekly Wrapup #53: Perspective

How do you know when you need a dose of perspective and what do you do to get it?

Weekly Wrap Up #52: So Annoyed

Tell us about anything or anyone which has annoyed you in the past week.

Do you have any specific pet peeves?

How do you deal with being annoyed?

Weekly Wrapup #51: Remembering

The holiday season is a time spent with loved ones but also remembering loved ones who are no longer with us.  Paired with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) as the seasons change, and they can be quite blue.

Is there anyone in particular you remember and why?

Weekly Wrapup #50: Thrill Seeking

In the past week, have you tried something new?

Was it a big decision or one easily made?

How did it turn out?


Weekly Wrapup #49: Say What?

Have you learned any new words in the past week? If not why not look up a random word?

Do you make an effort to expand your vacbulary or do you not really care?

What is your all-time favourite word (or maybe just your fav right now)?

Weekly Wrapup #48: Most Impressive

What, if anything, has impressed you in the last week?

Would you consider yourself a person who is easily impressed?

do you worry about impressing others?

Weekly Wrapup #47: Foot Meet Mouth

Have you had any “foot in your mouth” or otherwise silly/ridiculous moments in this past week? If so, what are they?

How do you usually handle mistakes and mess ups like that?

Do you blush easily?

Weekly Wrapup #46: Associate This

I thought I’d go in a different direction this week. I hope you enjoy.

Off the top of the head, describe the previous week in 3 words and tell us why those words are applicable.

Give us 3 words you hope will describe next week and tell us why!


Weekly Wrapup #45: Musical

What significance, if any, has music had in your life over the past week?

How do you usually listen to music (CD, radio, MP3 player, elevators, computer)?

Are you a casual listener or a more serious music fan?

What are a couple of your favourite musicians or songs?

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