Weekly Wrapup #44: It’s that time of year, again

In the past week, have you gotten into any seasonal activities or sports?

What is your favourite seasonal activity to do?

To watch?

What is your favourite sport?


Weekly Wrapup #43: Milestones

Up to this past week, what milestones have you celebrated in your life (college, marriage, career, birthdays, parenthood, etc)?

Do you feel as though you are on track with your peers, ahead or behind?

Do you work toward milestones or just let them come?

Will you soon be coming across any milestones?

Weekly Wrapup #42: Life, The Universe and Everything

In the past week, have your contemplated your purpose or other deep, meaningful thoughts?

Do you think you have a purpose? Do you want to have one?

Do you ever think about the meaning of life, the universe and everything (beyond yourself)?

How do you deal with the questions that have no answer?

Weekly Wrapup #41: A Little Bit Dirty

In the last week did you get dirty (Earthy dirty, that is) at all?

Do you mind being in a dirty setting or do you prefer being clean and neat?

What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Weekly Wrapup #40: Brings You Back

Did anything in the past week remind you of the past? If so, what?

Did you feel nostalgic or perhaps relieved that it’s in the past?

What is the general feeling when you think about your past?

If you could go back to one time in your life, what would it be?

Weekly Wrapup #39: Pain

In the past week, have you been in any pain?

If so, what was the cause?

Do you handle pain well or not so well?

Which do you dislike more: acute pain like a paper cut or general pain like a sore muscle?

Weekly Wrapup #38: Disappointment

Were there any disappointments in your life, this past week? If so, what?

Are you generally disappointed?

Do you take disappointments in stride or do they affect you more?

Do you experience disappointment more than satisfaction or the other way around?

Weekly Wrapup #37: Sweet Dreams are Made of This

In the past week have you had any nightmares?

Are your dreams usually pleasant?

Do you usually remember your dreams?

Do you have any reoccuring dreams or themes?

Weekly Wrapup #36: Dose of Culture

In the past weke have you done any high cultural activities like see theatre, opera or visit a museum?

Do you consider yourself a cultured person overall?

What is your favourite high culture activity?

Have you ever been a participant/performed in a cultured activity?

Do you prefer pop culture or high culture?

Weekly Wrapup #35: Sexy Time

Have you had sex in the past week?

Are you a more sexually open or private person?

Do you consider sex to be an important part of your life?

What is sex to you?

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