Weekly Wrapup #53: Routinely

As we return to school and work and the holiday hustle settles, is there something that you look forward to doing again?

What do you find most stressful about the holidays?

And how do you deal with that stress?


Weekly Wrapup #51: Remembering

The holiday season is a time spent with loved ones but also remembering loved ones who are no longer with us.  Paired with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) as the seasons change, and they can be quite blue.

Is there anyone in particular you remember and why?

Weekly Wrapup #33: Independence Day

Sorry to all non-Americans

In the past wrek have you made any plans for July 4th? If so what?

Do you have any (family) traditions for this holiday?

Are you a fan of fireworks? Do you shoot off any at home or see professional ones?

Have you ever gone 4th of July camping?

Weekly Wrapup #27: Romance in the Air

Happy Valentine’s Day! This week’s theme is love but you don’t necessarily have to think about Valentine’s day.

If you have a special someone, did they do anytihng romantic in the last week?

Are you a fan of fairybook romance or more practical?

Have you ever done anything romantic for someone? If so, what and how did they respond?

What do you think makes the most romantic date?

Would you rather be in an intellectually stimulating, sexually intense or romantic relationship?

Weekly Wrapup #20: Special Delivery

Have you received a package in the last week?

Was it Christmas/holiday related? Or was it something you were expecting in the mail?

Do you often receive deliveries?

Have you or do you expect to receive and holiday gifts in the mail this year?

Do you mail off holiday gifts?

Weekly Wrapup #18: Turkey Day Madness

In the past week did you partake in Thanksgiving?

What sort of feast did you have?

Any activities?

What about Black Friday shopping?

Weekly Wrapup #15: Halloween!

Sorry guys, about missing last week. It won’t happen again! Here’s this week’s wrapup.

In the past week did you celebrate Halloween? If so how?

Did you attend or throw any parties?

If you dressed up, what were you?

If you handed out candy to trick or treaters, are there any costumes that caught your attention?