Weekly Wrapup #14: The Great Debates

I’m sorry, once again, to any nonAmericans or, I suppose, anyone who does not own a TV. 😉 And, sorry, couldn’t help the last one, either.

Have you been keeping up with any presidential debates? If so, which have you seen?

Who do you think is doing a better job when it comes to the debates?

Do you think the debates fairly represent the candidates? Why or why not?

Do you think the debates focus on the issues or are they more about slander?

And have you seen the SNL skit about the Vice Presidential debate? Did you laugh your ass off?


Weekly WrapUp #6: Olympic Spirit

The world has been following the Olympics these last few weeks so I thought this an appropriate topic.

Have you tuned into the Olympics these past weeks?

Is there a specific athlete, country or sport which has more of your attention?

Did any match/round specifically excite you or have you on the edge of your seat?

did you take time out of your schedule to watch the Olympics or just catch it when you could?