What is a Meme?

The general definition of a meme online is something that proportionate like a virus, or something that catches on and spreads quickly. Consider memes the “catch phrase” of the internet. In relation to blogging, members are like little quizzes or lists of questions designed to spur thought and creativity.

Meme sites provide these thought provoking questions, quotes or other snippets and bloggers copy and takes them back to their own personal blog to comment on and answer, usually providing a link back to the original meme sites.

Most memes are posted periodically, in a certain time frame IE every Monday, once a month, every other Friday et cetera. Meme sites are often named after the day of the week on which they are updated.

Many memes are word-based; however, some are photography based. Some meme sites have certain themes whereas others are random. Memes and meme sites vary greatly.

Learn more about memes at The Daily Meme.

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